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  • Scraper Rock Loader

    Scraper Rock Loader

  • Scraper Bucket Rock ...

    Scraper Bucket Rock ...

  • PB Series Scraper Ro...

    PB Series Scraper Ro...

  • P60B Scraper Rock Lo...

    P60B Scraper Rock Lo...

  • P-30B Scraper Loader

    P-30B Scraper Loader

  • P-15B Scraper Loader

    P-15B Scraper Loader

Company Profile

Jining BST Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the ren cheng District of Jining City, and located in the hometown of Kong Meng, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grande Canale crescent, developed communication. Transport facilities, outstanding people,rich in mineral resources, many varieties, large reserves, is the country's eight major coal bases One of the. Yanzhou Mining Group, Zibo mining, Feicheng mining, Zaozhuang mining,Linyi mining, Xinwen Mining Group have been established around the Jining, is the civilization of the national coal base. Jining BST Machinery Co., Ltd.. is the Jining city coal mine construction technical secondary school camp mine construction materials, electrical equipment, industry and trade integration in the joint-stock enterprises. Professional management of mining high and low voltage electrical appliances, wire and cable,Wujinjiaodian, chemical products, steel wire rope, Steel, nonferrous metals, mining equipment and accessories (spraying machine, drilling machine, anchor, tamping machine, spike, plywood and so on) sales; general machinery sales and installation of all kinds of mine, profiles and pipes. The company according to the need of market development, has cooperation w...

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Pumping Equipment

  • Three way ball valve

    Three way ball valve


  • Spray control valve

    Spray control valve


  • SK way valve

    SK way valve


Railway Materials

  • ZDK Series Single Turnout

    ZDK Series Single Turnout


  • Turnout



  • Single Turnout

    Single Turnout


Safe&Protection Instrument

  • ZYX-60 compressed oxygen self-rescuer

    ZYX-60 compressed oxygen self-rescuer


  • ZYX45 compressed oxygen self-rescuer

    ZYX45 compressed oxygen self-rescuer


  • ZYJ(A)compressed air self-help devices

    ZYJ(A)compressed air self-help devices


Instrument And Meter

  • ZPCG Infra-red Sensor Introduction

    ZPCG Infra-red Sensor Introduction


  • ZLD-2 type multistage flowmeter product introduction:

    ZLD-2 type multistage flowmeter product introduction:


  • ZBL-R630A concrete rebar detector

    ZBL-R630A concrete rebar detector


Successful Cases

  • Zhou Sisheng The first Coal Mine in Msenyuan Count...
  • Manager Yang Yiqi’a, Ordos, Inner Mondgolia Sewage...
  • President Qiu Jin’niu Coal Mine in Linfen,sdadsws ...
  • President Qiu Jin’niu Coal Mine in Linfen, Shanxi....
  • Jiao Shunsheng Jinan Pushrod 20 pieces Xiangda...
  • Manager Yang Yiqi’a, Ordos, Inner Mongolia Sewage....
  • Zhang Yanke Xiegou Coal Mine in Lvliang, Shanxi...
  • Cao Chunhui Heihe City, Hei Longjiang Province...
  • Chen Xiao Southwest Airport Economic Development.....

  Customer Evaluation

  • Australian Customers Visited Shando...

    BST vehicle sales service is very good, very professional, very pleasant to talk to!

  • The French customers to visit the J...

    The French customers to visit the Jining BST vehicle Group
  • Australian customers in Jining Jin ...

    I think the staff qualityof BST Machinery is very good, very timely to our customers' feedback, solved problems successfully.
  • Singapore customers to visit the Ji...

    Since built up to now, we ordered our mining machinery from BST Machinery Group Purchase,The salesmen there were very professionalto. 

    Jerzy Sakowski:Last year through friend's introduction, I ordered a batch of equipments from China Coal Group on the net,...