ZYJ(A)compressed air self-help devices

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ZYJ(A)compressed air self-help devices

ZYJ(A)compressed air self-help devices

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ZYJ compressed air self-help devices with decompression, flow control, silencers, discharge, dust and other functions, compact structure, easy to use, fast, when the coal mine gas exceeded, through this device provide fresh air to the staff, to avoid secu

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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

ZYJ compressed air self-help devices with decompression, flow control, silencers, discharge, dust and other functions, compact structure, easy to use, fast, when the coal mine gas exceeded, through this device provide fresh air to the staff, to avoid security the role of disaster.

Working principle

This device consists of piping, opening and closing valves, connecting tube, and protective sheath decompression group of five parts. When the coal mine gas concentration occurs when excessive or excessive signs, flip open and close valve handle gas path unobstructed, functional unit completed quickly draining, filtering, decompression and silencers and other action, this time filled with fresh air protection kit Escaping personnel for rescue breathing. Protective jacket of air pressure (0.05 ~ 0.1) Mpa, protective sleeve, toxic gases comprising a pressure lower than the pressure, so an external harmful gases will not enter the protective jacket for disaster prevention personnel hazard.

Technical Parameter

Item Parameter
System air pressure  0.3-0.7MPa
System air volume 30-110L/min
Air supply type  ground systems supply
Pressure adjustment range 0.05-0.1MPa
Silencer  85dB
Protective manner  shawl protective sleeve 
Weight 5.5.8kg / group
Outer size Pressure self-help devices Φ35×265mm
 Cape-style protective cover 920×1030mm
 Pipe Φ33×500mm


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