Cement curb molding machine quality control

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Cement curb molding machine sales in Jining BST Machinery Co., Ltd. has been very stable, then the control of the product quality control needs to be done, listen to Xiao Bian slowly to you.

The kerbs are generally needed on both sides of the road to protect the road and regulate the road type. Curbstones are traditionally constructed using prefabrication and burying techniques. In order to make the curbstone and the road surface have a balanced and strong appearance, the dimensions of the prefabricated blocks have become larger and larger. Large prefabricated blocks bring difficulties to handling and installation, and bumps during transportation are serious. After installation, if subjected to strong squeezing, the prefabricated blocks are easily deflected and the integrity is poor, affecting the appearance of the road surface and protecting the road surface.

Curbstone molding machine selection

The curb molding machine is actually a small slip mode cement concrete paver. With a special molding die and loading device, it becomes a curb molding machine. Most skid-pattern pavers can be used to form kerbstones, as long as they are equipped with corresponding working devices. Three-track hydraulic drive, automatic steering and automatic leveling, hydraulic vibrator, 63 kW Deutz engine. After disposing the corresponding working device, the 2.4 m concrete pavement can be paved at the widest, the 1.2 m high anti-collision wall and the molding curb can be formed. The model is small and can hang the mold laterally. It is suitable for the molding of kerbs, collision walls, drainage channels, etc. It is not suitable for the paving of large-area roads.

The matching of transport vehicles

Due to the fact that during the forming process of the kerbstones, it is necessary to feed while walking, so it is required to use a concrete mixer truck to support it. This kind of vehicle has a lot of society, either renting or buying. Taking into account the impact of roads and supply capacity should be slightly greater than the principle of production capacity, we have chosen three transport vehicles. If the distance is relatively long or the size of the kerb section is large, vehicles may be added as the case may be.

Concrete mixing station

The selection of the mixing plant depends on the needs of the production capacity in front. In addition to the production capacity, the molding process of the curbstone has strict requirements for the slump of the concrete and requires uniform slump, otherwise the molding curbstone cannot be consistent. The shape therefore requires a high metering accuracy at the mixing station. In addition, the metering and addition of additives should also be considered as needed.

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