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Safety Door

Safety Door

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Safety Door is used between the main drainage pump and main substation underground cavern. Mining area substation channel; Belt conveyor, winch power distribution channels such as electrical equipment and substation cavern, such as underground fires, the

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Safety Door Introduction

Safety Door is used between the main drainage pump and main substation underground cavern. 

Mining area substation channel; Belt conveyor, winch power distribution channels such as electrical equipment and 

substation cavern, such as underground fires, the burning non-proliferation, ensure the safety of mine.

Safety Door Parameters

Safety Door consists of 4 specifications.
No.       Model&Specification          Drawing No.
1        MFHSL1.4*1.8      B85-373.29
2        MFHSL1.6*1.8      B85-373.30
3        MFHSL1.8*2.0      B85-373.31
4        MFHSL2.1*2.0      B85-373.32
MFHSL 1.4*1.8  MFHSL(Fire gate)  1.4(through the cave mouth net width1400mm)  

1.8(through the cave mouth net height1800mm)         6000

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