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Social responsibility, including environmental protection, production safety, social morality and public interest, is composed of economic responsibility, sustainable development responsibility, legal responsibility and moral responsibility. Here not only refers to corporate responsibility, as well as other social responsibility.
Social responsibility is the responsibility of the individual to the whole society, which is stipulated by the social law and economic law. It is the two element structure which is composed of the role obligation responsibility and the legal responsibility. Responsibility is divided into two kinds: the first is to do what should be done, such as responsibility, responsibility, responsibility, etc.. This kind of responsibility is actually a kind of obligation or duty. The second is a duty for not doing well (no obligation to fulfill their role) or encourage did not fulfill the obligations and should bear some form of adverse consequences or mandatory obligation, responsibility of the past, such as breach of contract liability and tort liability etc..
Economic Responsibility: refers to the company's production, profitability, to meet consumer demand. Its core is the ability of the company to create profits and realize value. The economic performance of the company can be investigated through three aspects: finance, product service and governance structure.
Although corporate social responsibility does not have a single definition, but in essence, the pursuit of this approach, the company needs to do three important things:
First, the company recognized that its business activities will have a great impact on the society in which it is located; and social development will also affect the company's ability to pursue business success;
Second, as a response, affect the company actively manage their worldwide business activities in the economic, social and environmental aspects, not only to bring benefits to the company's business operations and corporate reputation, but also benefit the area of business community;
Third, the company through the cooperation with other groups and organizations, local groups, social and government departments to achieve these benefits.
Responsibility for sustainable development: the responsibility of ensuring the sustainable development of enterprises and society. The responsibility can be investigated through two aspects of environmental responsibility and innovation responsibility.
Legal liability: the responsibility of the company to fulfill the obligations of laws and regulations. This responsibility can be investigated through two aspects: tax liability and employer liability.
Moral responsibility: the responsibility of a company to meet social norms, norms and values, and to return to society. The responsibility can be investigated through two aspects: internal moral responsibility and external moral responsibility.