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Concrete sleeper

Concrete sleeper

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Concrete sleeper is also called concrete pillow, pillow, also known as concrete. Made of concrete, reinforcement, combination and become, appearance is hard, long service life. Concrete sleepers in accordance with the installation can be divided into U-s

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Product Introduction

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Concrete sleeper Product Introduction

Concrete sleeper is also called concrete pillow, pillow, also known as concrete. Made of concrete, reinforcement, combination and become, appearance is hard, long service life.
Concrete sleepers in accordance with the installation can be divided into U-shaped ring and pressure plate bolts.
U-shaped concrete sleepers ring easy to install, simply put the rail between two U-rings, rubber pad underneath it, and then using a sledgehammer spending a U-shaped loop to suppress rail. Concrete sleepers bolt plate is to use T-bolt holes from piercing reserved sleeper following fixed platen press and hold the rail above, a sleeper requires four sets of bolts, 4 plate, two rubber pads, this sleeper easy maintenance , can be reused.

Concrete sleeper Advantages

Concrete sleepers need a molding steam stripping, appearance is smooth, hard, and contains many root rebar.
Cement pillow wood source widely, the same specifications, uniform elasticity, good insulation, high stability, is not affected by external conditions such as temperature of the weather, don't decay long service life.
The prestressed concrete sleeper in addition to a large number of high quality steel products, saving and long service life, good stability, orbit can satisfy the requirement of high speed, large capacity, etc.

Concrete sleeper Specifications

1、 normal sleepers: Width 220mm; thickness 160mm; length 2500mm; 
2、 turnout sleepers (Normal): Width 220mm; thickness 160mm; length 2600 ~ 4850mm, with 150mm carry a total of 16 lengths; 
3turnout sleepers (Standard): Width 240mm; thickness 160mm; length 2600 ~ 4800mm, with 200mm carry a total of 12 lengths; 
4bridge sleepers: Width 220mm; thickness 240,260,280,300 mm; length 3000mm; 


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