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Rack Type Track Jack

Rack Type Track Jack

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1.Lifting - track jack should be smoothly completed, with a length of 1.5 meters of steel steel rod inserted into the handle hole and up and down reciprocating throw to ascend a height it is needed.   2.Slow down, turn slowly drop control handle up to br

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Rack Type Track Jack Instruction

1.Lifting - track jack should be smoothly completed, with a length of 1.5 meters of steel steel rod inserted into the handle hole and up and down reciprocating throw to ascend a height it is needed.
2.Slow down, turn slowly drop control handle up to braking position will lever up and down throw, every reciprocating or one tooth at a time.
3.Drops - pull lever, use leverage vertical impact downhill baseboard end surface, can again down to the starting position.
4. The sliding parts often lubrication, found the parts damaged change in time.

Rack Type Track Jack Application

   Rack Type Track Jack is mainly used for railway track laying and maintenance, such as bridge erection work is widely used for lifting and supporting the installation of various weights, and equipment. It is suitable for railway rails and auxiliary, bridge is installed, and vehicles, equipment, weight lifting.
   Rack Type Track Jack working principle is one type of manual lifting tools, compact structure, reasonable use of the rocker swing jaw moves up and down with the fixed jaw joint cooperation, promote the rack up or down, lifting objects along lift.

Rack Type Track Jack Parameters

Model       QD5   
Max jacking 5T    
Max hook capacity 2.5T
Lifting height    160mm 
Jack up height        345mm 
Feet hook height      43mm  


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