YFZ-80 Hydraulic sleeper squarer

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YFZ-80 Hydraulic sleeper squarer

YFZ-80 Hydraulic sleeper squarer

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YFZ-80 Hydraulic sleeper squarer is suitable for railway line adjustment sleeper spacing and the Angle of founder equipment, can be used in various types of sleeper line operation, using a portable hydraulic jack structure, with low Labour intensity, high

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Product Introduction

Product Detail

Hydraulic sleeper squarer Product Introduction

YFZ-80 Hydraulic sleeper squarer is suitable for railway line adjustment sleeper spacing and the Angle of founder equipment, can be used in various types of sleeper line operation, using a portable hydraulic jack structure, with low Labour intensity, high work efficiency, and saves time and effort, portable, the use of safety, reliability, etc.

YFZ-80 Hydraulic sleeper squarer Work Principle

YFZ-80 Hydraulic sleeper squarer includes working cylinder, plunger pump, fuel tanks, unloading valve and cylinder body and a head. The structure adopted the principle of hydraulic jack.
Working cylinder containing the piston, piston rings, cylinder, ring, the return spring, connected to the main part class, when the high pressure oil from the pump discharge valve into the cylinder, push the piston along its axial direction.Unloading valve opens, the piston will start under the action of the return spring automatically reset. Its working stroke controlled by the structure size.
Plunger pump consists of the pump core, pump sets, cups, seals and body composition. Ball valve is a two-way valve combination, with oil and drain capabilities.Unloading valves, moving the ball through the top of the stem to complete the start valve performance
Oil tank, oil cylinder, plunger pump, etc all by threaded connection on the cylinder block body, head and the cylinder end connectors dumplings, can head up, down, to adapt the demand of hafnium pillow side slope.

YFZ-80 Hydraulic sleeper squarer Parameters

adjusting volume: 90mm
rated sleeper force: 80KN
the maximum amount of adjustment(adjust the controllable connector)130mm
handle operating force : 200-270N
overall weight (not including move bar) 10.5kg
size: 275×122×233mm


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